The Akkerbouwkrant is published six times a year with an in-depth theme. The Arable Newspaper is semi-editorial and brings positive articles from the market. With various reports and practical experiences, the arable farmer speaks. The print edition of the Akkerbouwkrant is supported by a news site that posts daily.

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Circulation and target group Akkerbouwkrant





NL Arable farmers (30 ha+)


VL Arable farmers (25 ha+)


WAL Arable farmers (30 ha+)


Contractors in arable farming



Publication dates Akkerbouwkrant

Release dateFocus onDelivery date
NL + VL: 2021-02-26Out of the starting blocks
Sowing & Planting, Start fertilization, Vital soil, plant resilience,
own processing, conversion
NL + VL: 2021-02-05
NL + VL: 2021-04-16
WAL: 2021-04-23
Crop optimization
Irrigation, Conventional and biological crop protection, spraying technology, precision fertilization, open-field vegetables
NL + VL: 2021-03-26
WAL: 2021-04-02
NL + VL: 2021-06-25Pre-Harvest
Update test fields, precision agriculture, special crops, logistics,
field demonstrations, harvest-ready maintenance, tyre selection
NL + VL: 2021-06-04
NL + VL: 2021-08-27
WAL: 2021-08-31
Harvest number
Trimming, harvesting technology, soil improvement, after-cultivation, green fertilizers, grain sowing, personnel, training
NL + VL: 2021-08-06
WAL: 2021-08-06
NL + VL: 2021-10-29
WAL: 2021-11-05
Crop results
Cultivation reulates 2020, Preview Agritechnica and Variety Presentations, Storage, Fuel, P&O, Ploughs/ Spitting/NKG, New construction, Open days
NL + VL: 2021-10-08
WAL: 2021-10-02
NL + VL: 2021-12-03Business Development/Strategy
Marketing strategy, cultivation plan, variety selection, outlook Agribex, machinery (investments, maintenance), chain concepts, energy transition
NL + VL: 12-11-2021

Rates Akkerbouwkrant

formatStanding/verticalLandscape/horizontalPrice NetherlandsPrice FlandersPrice Wallonia
Reportage (by our editors)260 x 395 mm (BxH)€ 1.975,-€ 995,-€ 1.485,-
1/1 page260 x 395 mm (BxH)€ 1.750,-€ 875,-€ 1.315,-
Rear cover260 x 395 mm (BxH)€ 2.100,-€ 1.050,-€ 1.575,-
1/2 page127 x 395 mm (BxH)260 x 194 mm (BxH)€ 1.095,-€ 550,-€ 825,-
1/4 page127 x 194 mm (BxH)260 x 93.5 mm (BxH)€ 625,-€ 315,-€ 475,-
1/8 page127 x 93.5 mm (BxH)€ 358,-€ 180,-€ 275,-
Advertorial€ 1.250,-€ 625,-€ 950,-
AttachOn requestOn requestOn request

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Advertising forms Akkerbouwkrant

Mirror: 260 x 395 mm (BxH)
Paper: 60 gr. Superbright ISO 83
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Mention: Advertiser name, title,
edition/outcome date
Delivery address: Traffic@mixcom.nl

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Website Akkerbouwbedrijf.nl

On Akkerbouwbedrijf.nl we post daily press releases, photo reports, product news and promotional actions to provide the arable farmer with up-to-date news and developments within the sector. View all online promotion options on the right.


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arable farm website

Website Akkerbouwbedrijf.be

On Akkerbouwbedrijf.be we post daily press releases, photo reports, product news and promotional actions to provide the arable farmer with up-to-date news and developments within the sector. View all online promotion options on the right.

Specifications and rates Akkerbouwbedrijf.nl and Akkerbouwbedrijf.be

websiteSpecificationsCPM themePrice/week
1) Leaderboard728 x 90 / 320 x 100 pixels (JPG/GIF)€ 50,-€ 325,-
2) Desktop CTA right next to article
on mobile under article
on request€ 40,-€ 250,-
3) Desktop extended banner 300 x 600 pixels (JPG/GIF)€ 45,-€ 300,-
4) Banner300 x 250 pixels (JPG/GIF)€ 40,-€ 225,-
5) Sponsored content€ 45,-€ 275,-
Response page incl. advertorial€ 175,-
Site takeoverPrice on requestPrice on request
Floor-adPrice on requestPrice on request
Leaderboard XLPrice on requestPrice on request

Advertorial guideline website Akkerbouwbedrijf

title: Max. 60 characters incl. Spaces
Main image: 1000 x 666 pixels (ratio 3:2, JPG)
If photo reportage: At least 6 images (1000 x 666 pixels, JPG) + caption
If video reportage: Youtube URL
or MP4 video
Text: minus. 250 words incl. left

Newsletter Akkerbouwbedrijf

Every Thursday, arable farmers receive a newsletter called Akkerbouwbedrijf. Due to the link with the National Agricultural Database, we have a very extensive naw and e-mail file of agricultural Netherlands. Check out all the possibilities below.


Arable farmers receive our newsletter


Dutch newsletter


Belgian newsletter

Rates newsletter Akkerbouwbedrijf (NL)

E-newsletterPrice 1xPrice 4x
1) Advertorial (website, newsletter and social media)€ 375,-€ 1.125,-
Advertorial with external link€ 325,-€ 975,-
2) Super banner€ 275,-€ 825,-

Rates newsletter Akkerbouwbedrijf (BE)

E-newsletterPrice 1xPrice 4x
1) Advertorial (website, newsletter and social media)€ 230-€ 690,-
Advertorial with external link€ 200,-€ 600,-
2) Super banner€ 165,-€ 495,-

Directive e-newsletter Akkerbouwbedrijf

Title: Max. 60 characters incl. spaces
Image: 241 x 160 pixels max. 100kb (JPG)
Text: Max. 35 words / 255 characters incl. Spaces
Banner: 468 x 250 pixels (JPG)

Social Media Akkerbouwbedrijf

The arable farmers can also be reached via Facebook and Twitter. Akkerbouwbedrijf has its own social media channels that are used to spread news, but also to promote.

Social Media rates Akkerbouwbedrijf

Social mediaPrice 1xPrice 4x
Default placement on timeline€ 120,-€ 360,-
Campaign management advertisement Facebook & Instagram€ 250,- per month
Targeting interestsOn request
Targeting email addresses target groupOn request
Targeting Facebook PixelOn request

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