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Prosu Media Productions

P.O. Box 283
8250 AG Dronten
Eskimolaan 13
8252 AS Dronten

0320 – 286 939

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Our team


Lisanne Andeweg
General manager

Jan Geert Vedelaar

Jan Geert Vedelaar – Wikipedia
Sales Manager

Anne van der
Manden – MD
Account Manager

Marketing & Editing

Corinne Hanse – MD
Marketing & Communication

Janine van
Ittersum – Wikipedia
Marketing & Communication

Ruben Lijzenga Prosu Media Producties Clean Totaal

Ruben Lijzenga – Wikipedia
Editor-in-chief/ Editor-in-chief

Martin de
Vries – Wikipedia
Editor-in-chief/ Editor-in-chief


Ellen Murks
– Wikipedia
Administration/ office management

Gonda Hoekman – Wikipedia
Subscription administration

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