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Each edition, De Pluimveekrant deals with a theme and developments that are in line with the sector. De Pluimveekrant is semi-editorial and publishes positive articles about poultry farmers, innovations and entrepreneurial opportunities.



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Publication dates Pluimveekrant The Netherlands and Belgium

De Pluimveekrant is published five times a year in the Netherlands and Belgium. Each edition focuses on a current topic. In addition, with various reports and practical experiences, the poultry farmer speaks

Release date*Themes and fairsDelivery date
10-02-2023Stalklimaat Dutch Poultry Expo (14 & 15 Feb.)20-01-2023
21-04-2023Food and drinking water31-03-2023
30-06-2023Sustainability and recycling09-06-2023
15-09-2023Health and prevention
01-12-2023Barn equipment10-11-2023

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Reach all poultry farmers and stakeholders. Take advantage of our combination discount and reach all poultry farmers and service providers in the Netherlands and Belgium in an economical way

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Reportage (by our editors)€ 1.700,-€ 825,-€ 2.000,-
1/1 page (265 x 391)€ 1.875,-€ 700,-€ 2.060,-
1/2 page (130 x 391 or 265 x 193)€ 1.125,-€ 420,-€ 1.235,-
1/4 page (130 x 193 or 265 x 94)€ 565,-€ 210,-€ 620,-
1/8 pagina (13 0x 94)€ 375,-€ 140,-€ 410,-
Back cover (265 x 391)€ 2.250,-€ 840,-€ 2.470,-
Advertorial 1/1 (265 x 391)€ 1.400,-€ 525,-€ 1.540,-
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Website Pluimveebedrijf Netherlands and Belgium

We publish daily press releases, photo reports, product news and promotional campaigns to provide the poultry farmer with current news and developments within the sector.

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Newsletter Pluimveebedrijf

The poultry farmers receive a newsletter every Thursday called Pluimveebedrijf. The newsletter reaches a large part of the poultry farmers due to the link with the National Agricultural Database.

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*The opening rate is in practice higher due to privacy settings of the readers.

*Occasionally, the release date may vary.

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A) Advertorial (website, newsletter and social media)See advertorial guidelines newsletter€ 250,-€ 160,-€ 285,-
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Advertorial with external linkSee advertorial guidelines newsletter€ 210,-€ 135,-€ 240,-
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Poultry farmers can also be reached via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The Pluimveebedrijf has its own social media channels that are used to spread news, but also to bring promotions to the attention.

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DefinitionSpecificationsNetherlandsBelgiumNetherlands + Belgium Combination
Default placement on timelineSee social media guideline€ 125,-€ 125,-€ 175,-
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Specialist partner Pluimveebedrijf The Netherlands and Belgium

Is sharing knowledge one of your communication strategies to promote your product(s) or service or increase your brand awareness and image? Then a professional partner page is a good addition to your marketing plan. With a professional partner page, you can benefit from our large multimedia sector-specific reach for a year.

Rates partner packagesOnlineMultimediaalComplete
Netherlands€ 5.250,-€ 7.500,-€ 8.500,-
Flanders€ 3.750,-€ 4.250,-€ 4.750,-

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