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Terra has grown in a year and a half into one of the leading magazines on earthmoving, recycling and site transport in Belgium. In that year and a half we have also grown strongly online. For example, we currently reach more than 80,000 people on Facebook and have 4577 followers. In addition, on Instagram and Youtube we see our followers increase to 2200 and 80 people.

In 2020, our magazine will be on the bus of 5,000 sector colleagues 4 times and we will print an extra number for MatExpo’s demodays, which will be distributed on the fair itself. That edition will also be in the mailbox of our subscribers one week before the fair. Our target group consists mainly of entrepreneurs, contractors and drivers in the construction sector in Belgium.

Terra’s independent editorial team bring you the latest tractor models, the most innovative machines and everything you need to know about mechanization in road construction and earthmoving.

  • Construction equipment: cranes, wheel loaders, bulldozers, (caterpillar) dumpers, graders, scrapers, etc
  • Recycling: crushers, sieves, conveyor belts, converters
  • Additional machinery such as tractors, attachments for tractors, wheel loaders
  • Trucks and commercial vehicles

Circulation and target group








Release date TERRA Flanders

Release dateTopics and fairsDelivery date
11-02-2022Forestry and horticulture21-01-2022
20-05-2022Tires and caterpillars
Technische Kontakt Dagen Almere
26-08-2022Innovation and digitization05-08-2022
Bauma München

Release date TERRA Wallonia

Release dateTopics and fairsDelivery date
18-02-2022Forestry and horticulture28-01-2022
27-05-2022Tires and caterpillars
Technische Kontakt Dagen Almere
02-09-2022Innovation and digitization12-08-2022
Bauma München


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* On rear cover 1/1 (+20%) and inner cover 1/1 (+15%) surcharges apply. Poster and package leaflet on request.

terramag.be website

On terramag.be we post daily press releases, photo reports, product news and promotional promotions about:

  • Construction equipment: cranes, wheel loaders, bulldozers, (crawler) dumpers, graders, scrapers, etc.
  • Recycling: crushers, sieves, conveyor belts and converters
  • Additional machinery such as tractors, attachments for tractors and wheel loaders
  • Trucks and commercial vehicles

Users per month on the website terramag.be


Users per month on the website fr.Terramag.be

Terra website

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Floor-ad€ 340,-
Site takeover€ 625,-

Advertorial guideline website

title: Max. 60 characters incl. Spaces
Main image: 1000 x 666 pixels (ratio 3:2, JPG)
If photo reportage: At least 6 images (1000 x 666 pixels, JPG) + caption
If video reportage: Youtube URL
or MP4 video
Text: minus. 250 words incl. left

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Recievers newsletter Terramag.be


Recievers newsletter fr.Terramag.be

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Social Media TERRA

The recipients can also be reached via Facebook and Twitter. TERRA has its own social media channels that are used to spread news, but also to promote. Rates are on request.

Default timeline placement€ 150,-
Targeting interestsOn request
Targeting email addresses target groupOn request
Targeting Facebook-pixelOn request

Terra Trade Partner Page

As a partner, you will benefit from a large sector-specific reach in the earthmoving, recycling and site transport sector for a year. We combine all your knowledge and innovations. Zo maakt de machinist op een overzichtelijke wijze kennis met uw dienstverleningen en/of producten.

Rates partner packagesOnlineMultimediaalComplete
Flanders€ 3.500,-€ 4.500,-€ 5.500,-
Wallonia€ 2.500,-€ 3.500,-€ 4.500,-

Expansion package

  • Want to reach the entire Belgian sector? Bereid uw partnerpakket uit naar Vlaanderen en ontvang hetzelfde samengestelde pakket zowel in België als in Nederland. Expand your partner package to Flanders and recieve the same combined package for Belgium and The Netherlands.
  • We help you design your campaign. For example, the design of banners, brochures or other promotional expressions
  • Extra orders outside the package can be reserved with a discount of 30%.

The collaboration can also be expanded to include multiple sectors. Ask for the advantageous combination rates.

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